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& Tw Arquitectura

Art Direction
Creative Direction
Logo & Identity
Voice & Tone

Branding Project for Architecture and Housing Construction Studio & Tw Arquitectura y Construction in Mexico City
After years of experience in high-value housing construction and design, E. Tawil, the architect and founder of & Tw, took on a new challenge in his career. 

Brand Essence
The essential starting point for brand construction is rooted in the same life philosophy as the founder of the project:

· We are team players: Architectural work may traditionally be associated with well-known names, but it’s the hard work and contributions of the team’s collaborators, including architects, builders, construction managers, administrators, investors, associates, and others, that make these architectural projects a success.
· We build trust: The founding partner recognizes the importance of responsibility, ethics, and integrity towards the team and investment partners, working together towards a common goal of growth.

The brand name, was chosen to give prominence to all collaborators, as their contributions are integral to the brand’s success. And Tawil. & Tw.

The design proposal is vibrant, minimalist, and modern, with a reduced color palette but full of expression. The brand’s “digital” blue tone is the main color, creating a practical and minimalist design system.