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Shop. Arch. Kids.

Shop. Arch. Kids.

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Mexico City
Interior Design
Art Direction
Character Design
Creative Direction
Logo & Identity
Voice & Tone

When we’re little kids, our rooms become our headquarters: we decide who can come in and who can’t (Mom has unlimited VIP pases), and we can do whatever we feel like at the moment (Even though dad get a little mad when everything is a mess). Our room is our universe: it is there where we sleep, play, wake up, cry, and smile, but above all it is where we dream. We love our room because it is our best confident; we keep all sorts of treasures there: toys, pictures, candies, music. It is also our room who usually finds out before anyone else how our day is going: if we’re jumping in our bed, it knows we’re having a good day.

Shop. Arch. Kids – an architecture and furniture studio that focuses in building, projecting, and transforming kid’s rooms – commissioned us with the task of expanding the essence of their brand so it could connect a bit more with kids. The goal was to provide new elements to the brand so it could communicate effectively with kids and their parents and create empathy. We redesign their brand, expanded the color palette and designed other graphic elements like 2 characters that ended up being a central axis for the communication strategy between the brand and their target audience.