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Richmond ELT

Richmond ELT

Release year
Mexico & Latam
Web Development

We were commissioned by Richmond ELT, a publisher specialized in English Language Teaching, a subsidiary of Editorial Santillana to redesign and develop the company’s new global site, as well as the local sites of each of the territories where the publisher has a presence.

Richmond’s new website serves several purposes. Among them is that of concentrating and making known to users (students, parents, teachers, and educational institutions) the catalog and the diversity of educational offers that Richmond provides at different educational levels (from preschool to young adults). Another great axis or purpose is to position Richmond as a leading educational publisher, offering comprehensive teaching packages and programs; that start from the traditional teaching in physical textbooks but at the same time is complemented with digital media, applications, microsites, and webinars for students, parents, and teachers.

We decided to make the user experience fun, playful, clean, and that positions Richmond as a forward-looking company ready for the evolution of teaching and digital media. You can see the new live-action Richmond website here.