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I am Hotteok Branding Packaging Pop Seoul Copy "No Easy Way Out" for Crater Branding Cherries


Nanu. Heritage Friendly Foods

Release year
Houston, Texas
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Editorial Design
Logo & Identity
Set Design
Voice & Tone

In Mexico, We believe having a taco is a way to pamper ourselves, feed the soul, and comfort the body.

A Mexican-owned brand of heritage-friendly foods that strives to deliver honest alternatives focused on healthy living while staying authentically Mexican. Although our heart is in Houston, Texas, our story is rooted in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Nanu has a clear objective, to be your companion in a time where the challenges are many and hours are not enough to find the balance between a healthy life and the pleasure of enjoying foods that make us feel close to home.

We built an identity and packaging system that finds its inspiration in the popular graphics seen at the kitchens where the most authentic foods in our country are being served, those places from which intense and warm emotions emanate caused by the delight of familiar flavors that make us connect with our family, friends or even strangers. Food is the best way to bond with others and ourselves.

Our name was born from the Mixtec, one of the mother tongues of Oaxaca. Meaning “the act of hugging oneself”, we were not only aiming to evoke the deepest roots of Mexican culture but also invite us to cuddle ourselves through the foods that warm our hearts. Nanu is an accomplice of our tastes and habits in a world where pursuing dietary alternatives and preserving our roots are real necessities.