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Release year
Philadelphia, PA.
Real Estate
Editorial Design
Logo & Identity
Voice & Tone

We were commissioned by Lockwood Property Management, a Philadelphia- based Boutique Property Management Services Firm that provides Concierge and Real Estate Administration services, as well as Interior Design and preventive Maintenance attending to exclusive clients on the East Coast of the United States to take care of their rebranding.

For this project, it was very important to transmit the trust that customers place in Lockwood by giving them the keys to their beautiful homes. For the firm, this trust is its most valuable asset. We found our inspiration in the majesty of the Georgian architecture of the grand mansions located in the old cities of the United States and although we wanted to give the project a traditional and elegant touch, it was also imperative for us to show the modern touch, innovative thinking, passionate and cozy of the team behind Lockwood.

Note. Not everything in life is a success. The client decided to take another path and, at the last moment, decided to cancel the project. Although we would have loved for the client to give it an opportunity, for us, it is bittersweet because we put all our efforts into it. However, we didn’t want the project, which we liked so much, to be forgotten somewhere on our hard drive, so we decided to publish it. In order to keep the confidentiality of the client, we decided to make some small changes such as the name and other aspects of the project.

Has it happened to you too?

Hope you like it 😉