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Hypefluency is an influencer marketing agency born from the need to connect global brands with talent from Mexico and Latin America and eliminate the obstacles that they usually face, such as slow processes, late payments, limited hours of attention, little command of English, and ineffective campaigns.

We have created a brand run by talent, with free creative thinking that empowers the individual talents of influencers and their ability to transform the world; positive, and nostalgic but always at the forefront in fairness to talents and clients who dedicate all their effort to each project.

We found our inspiration in those days before the internet in which the newspaper, magazines, and telephone directories were fundamental tools to search for someone’s services when letters kept coming home and we doodled things by hand on any piece of paper while on the phone. We were inspired by the legacy and aesthetics that print media left to us on what we call “analog networking”.

We are the yellow pages for influencers and we have the best talents.

We’re Hypesetters.