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Ventus México. Rutas académicas

Let's do great things!

Ventus México. Rutas académicas

Ventus México. Rutas académicas

Case study

Ventus México is a firm that generates educational experiences with a sense of transcendence and social impact through group travel. His academic trips are designed for university groups, according to the professional objectives of each field, following the sites of interest and companies of greater prestige for each specialty.

From this definition we developed several proposals for each of the Ventus Mexico destinations. We took the most iconic spots of each city (London, New York, Vancouver, etc.), then we illustrated them and created a stock available for later applications (which were posters this time).

The assortment of colors, light and shadows in each element was chosen with great care in order to achieve a three-dimensional illusion from the original two-dimensional illustration. These elements coexist and play with typography, creating together the names of each city.

This new way of displaying and depicting the academic routes to students sought to be a connection to the emotional and playful facet of a trip, together with the importance of the academic development of youngsters. With this design of the routes, a more assertive, empathetic and influential communication was generated in the decision making process.