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Ventus Mexico. Academic tours
Illustration, Print
Ventus Mexico. Academic tours

Ventus Mexico. Academic tours

cliente. ventus méxico


Ventus Mexico is a company dedicated to creating educational experiences with a sense of transcendence
and social impact through group travel. The academic routes of Ventus Mexico, are trips
designed for university courses, according to the career goals of each race; visiting places
and most prestigious companies for each specialty.

Derived from this, several proposals for each of the destinations were developed, taking up
the most iconic places in each city (London, New York, Vancouver, etc.), illustrating, creating a stock
that would work for downstream applications, which in this case were posters.

The play of color, light and shadows in each element was careful to great detail to create
the illusion of three-dimensionality from two-dimensional illustration. These elements coexist
and play with typography, creating the names of each city as a whole.

This new way to represent and introduce students to academic routes seeks to be a common thread
between emotional and playful part of a trip, together with the importance of academic development
of students creating a more assertive, empathetic and influential communication in
when making decision-making routes.