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Case study

Vennes is a Mexican brand of healthy energy snacks. With 5 categories: Granola, Brownie Ball, Almond Love, Birthday Cake (made with traditional Mexican candies, the multicolored obleas), and finally a delicious red fruit jam called Berrie Chia, all made with superfoods, Vennes provides snacks with high doses of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and that is perfect to consume during the long days of hard work and training. Vennes offers us an unrestricted diet with natural semi- unprocessed ingredients and a lot of flavors.

Our conceptual inspiration to create this brand was love and joy. The love, for the care and dedication, that its owners put into each recipe and each product, and the joy that all those people who seek to improve themselves and feel good achieve by the end of their goals.

For the packaging, we generate a series of illustrations that portray the content of each bag, seen as a joyful explosion of flavors composed of fruits and seeds.

The typographic selection for the logo is inspired by the energy we need to start each day. Our color palette is vibrant and contrasting, like the energy levels we can achieve during the day. The badge represents a Swallow, a migratory bird who travels around the world, who expresses freedom, strength, and adaptability in the face of adversity.

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