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Case study

To speak of Malvestida is to speak of a space where diversity of voices converge in harmony, seeking to be heard, to express themselves, to unite, and why not, to claim.

Malvestida emerges as a blog focused on fashion and personal style (hence the name, Mal-dressed: The one that goes against the established, that is authentic) but that over time evolved into a medium and a window where topics that few people talk about. Sometimes they are addressed by traditional media: Mental health, gender equity, sexual diversity… Malvestida is a project that accompanies people in their deconstruction processes and creates new references.

We had the honor of being commissioned by the editorial team of Malvestida, to take charge of the redesign of the logo, which, with the evolution and transformation of the medium, had become somewhat outdated. Strength, effervescence, and movement are some of the pillars that inspired us to create this new logo, where we celebrate Malvestida, as the benchmark it represents, for all those people who fight and raise their voices, in search of a better world for all of us.

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