La Cervecería Santa Cruz

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La Cervecería Santa Cruz

La Cervecería Santa Cruz

Case study

The Santa Cruz Brewery is born in the golden and beautiful fields below a ruined hacienda, in the state of Tlaxcala.

It is a very common belief to think that the original people of the area, the Tlaxcaltecas, are the great treacherous people of Mexico. This, because when the Spanish arrived in the new world they sought to conquer the original civilizations and the Tlaxcalans, seeing an opportunity to defeat their enemy people (the Aztecs), decided to ally with the Europeans. However, this is a wrong belief. The Talxcalans are not the treacherous people of Mexico because the country that we know today as Mexico would not be consolidated until hundreds of years later.

When creating the identity of this beer, we decided to take that false idea, transform it, and create the manifesto of the Santa Cruz Brewery. An honest beer, which is far from what we understand by a craft beer and its eccentric recipes, which has no greater claim than to make the best beer possible and if for that we need to turn to the old and traditional European recipes that so be it, even if they call us treacherous.





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