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SAK. Shop. Arch. Kids.
Branding, Identity, Illustration
SAK. Shop. Arch. Kids.

SAK. Shop. Arch. Kids.

client. SAK. Shop. Arch. Kids.


When we are kids, our bedroom becomes our command center, only we decide who enters and who does not – mum has unlimited VIP passes – is where we can do and undo at our whim (although Dad scolds us when everything is thrown). Our room is our universe, sees us sleep, sees us play, sees us wake up, sees us cry, sees us grow, sees us smile … but above all sees us dreaming. We love our room and are our best confidant, we keep everything, toys, our photos, the goodies that mom and dad do not let us eat, we listen to the music we want, and it’s the room, who finds out first how anyone was Our day, what we have of task … our room is happy of what makes us happy because when we jump in bed, he knows it was a great day.

Shop. Arch. Kids. Study of Architecture and Children’s Furniture in Mexico City, specialized in building, designing and transforming children’s rooms, entrusted us with the beautiful task of expanding the essence of the brand in order to bring it closer to the little ones of the home, Elements that create empathy with both children and decision makers (parents). We redesign the image of the brand (already existing) we expanded the chromatic range and created elements of accompaniment. Perhaps the most important part of this Re Brand was the creation of two characters that became an axis of interaction between the brand and the public, reinforcing the communication to the children, which lacked the mark when it was entrusted to us.