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El Cinito

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El Cinito

El Cinito

Case study

Mexico occupies the 10th position worldwide in attendance to movie theaters. Of its 6,011 cinemas, 92.8% belong to two large corporations and only 433 screens belong to independent exhibiting companies.

Most of these independent movie theaters are located in the suburbs of Mexico City, the metropolitan area or outside the capital. By not generating revenues like those of the monopolies, these cinemas suffer from abandonment, decline and end up turning off the projectors forever.

El Cinito was born as a proposal to recover these movie theaters of abandonment and in exchange offer a high quality experience at affordable prices, especially for those who cannot easily afford an outing to the movies.

El Cinito intends to recondition these small cinemas (in many cases, from the neighborhood and about to be closed) to unify them under this concept, warm and unique as each neighborhood.

Under the premise that the cinemas of El Cinito are small (and modest) movie theaters, where we do not find digital projectors, surround sound or other technological details, we wanted to build the image of El Cinito in remembrance of the classic city cinemas of Mexico City, many of them already extinct, such as Cine Ópera, Cine Diana, Cine Teresa or Cine Regis, where typography and light boxes played a leading role.