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El Cinito
Branding, Identity, Illustration
El Cinito

El Cinito

client. aura cinemas
2015- 2016


Our country ranks 10th position in attendance at cinemas worldwide.
Of the 6,011 movie theaters that exist in Mexico, 92.8% are from 2 large
corporates, and only 433 screens belong to independent exhibition companies.

Many of these are located on the outskirts of Mexico City, in the metropolitan area
and inside the country; having no income like monopolies, suffer from neglect,
abuse and end up shuting down the projectors forever.

El Cinito born as a proposal to recover these cinemas from abandonment
and to offer those who can not easily afford a “hang out to the movies”,
an affordable high quality experience.

The Cinito aims to recondition these small rooms, often of neighborhood–about to close–
to unify under this concept, which is warm and unique as each neighborhood.

Under the premise that the cinemas of El Cinito are small and modest, theatres
where there aren’t digital projectors, super surround audio or other technological devices;
we wanted to build the image of El Cinito as remembrance of classic theaters of the Mexico City,
many of them already extinct, like the Cine Opera, the Diana Cinema, Teresa or
Regis; where typography and light boxes had a leading role.