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El Cinito

El Cinito

Case study

When it comes to people attending movie theaters, Mexico occupies the 10th position worldwide. Out of the 6,011 cinemas in Mexico, 92.8% belong to big corporations, and only 433 screens are from independent companies. A lot of these movie theaters are located in urban areas close to Mexico City or other areas of the country, but since they don’t generate the same income as big franchises they are eventually abandoned and end up closing for good.

El Cinito is born as a proposal to recover these abandoned cinemas and to offer a great quality experience at a lower price for those who can’t afford to visit bigger commercial theaters.

Beyond recovering these movie houses,  El Cinito’s goal is to unify them under a concept that is much more warm and unique, almost even reflecting the neighborhood they are located in.

Considering that El Cinito’s cinemas are a bit smaller and don’t count with top notch technology such as surround sound systems, we wanted to build a brand for them that was inspired on classic movie theaters of Mexican golden era such as el Cine Ópera, el Cine Diana, el Cine Teresa o el Cine Regis, where marquees and typography had a star role.

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