Dona UNICEF. Design concept

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Dona UNICEF. Design concept

Dona UNICEF. Design concept

Case study

UNICEF is an agency that focuses on promoting the rights and well-being of young boys and girls. Their income comes entirely from donors, so they do certain activities to improve their earnings like reaching out to people on public spaces, phone calls, newsletters, and spreading information on their website.

Knowing this, we designed a donation website for them that would transmit the huge efforts that UNICEF us doing in a clear, detailed and friendly manner, so users would feel connected and empathetic enough so that they would take a moment and really thought on how they could help UNICEF.

This website was created using a modular structure where text and images are displayed using a color system where each specific need is represented by a different hue. Photographs played a big role in this website, as well as typography, and the user interface, which needed to be clear enough to communicate UNICEF’s message and help the user navigate the website to get to the donation section.


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