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Dona UNICEF. Design concept

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Dona UNICEF. Design concept

Dona UNICEF. Design concept

Case study

UNICEF is a United Nations program focused on promoting the rights and well-being of all children and adolescents.

UNICEF obtains its income entirely from voluntary contributions, and for this purpose they make various efforts, such as personal street promotion, telephone calls, sending emails and publicizing information for the raise of donations through their online website.

In this context, we developed a proposal for the donation site that communicates the information and the efforts of UNICEF in a clear, concise, friendly and above all descriptive way, in order to inspire in the user a feeling of empathy and a perception of its possibilities of contributing to the objectives of the different UNICEF programs.

The site is designed as a system of modules where texts and images coexist with a specific color code for each one of the information needs. Photographs predominate, as well as blue and white colors, and the style is accentuated by some other tones such as red (to identify emergencies). The typography was an important element, since it had to be clear enough to transmit the messages and guide the user in the donation process, which, supported with the iconography, resulted in a navigation and interaction with the website even more clearly and simply.