1er. Encuentro de Científicos Españoles en México

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1er. Encuentro de Científicos Españoles en México

1er. Encuentro de Científicos Españoles en México

Case study

There are currently around 3,500 spanish scientists doing research and working out of Spain. Because of this, the Network for Spanish Scientists Abroad, was founded in September of 2017. This network has helped create several organizations around the world to strengthen bonds between researchers and to improve the work conditions for spanish scientists. These organizations work in countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Sweden, Japan, and Mexico with the Red de Científicos Españoles en Mexico or RECEMX.

After RECEMX was founded in 2017, an event was needed to communicate the organization’s activities and plans in other countries, as well as to create bonds and collaborations between other members. We had the honor of designing the graphic identity for the first of these events: 1er. Encuentro de Científicos Españoles en México, which was held in Mexico City in September of 2018. We decided to work with a playful image based on illustrations that represented the diverse research areas in our country.

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