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We're the Ch-ch-
Cherry Bombs!
About Cherry Bomb

About Cherry Bomb

…I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet, but your kids are gonna love it! 😉

We are Cherry Bomb, design studio formed by a group of friends who love use design
as a weapon of mass construction. We were born a sunny and blue sky late in
the giantic Mexico City. We been working since 2010, blowing up various projects
to position brands. We love to experiment with new forms, techniques, colors and flavors
for the proper development of the projects. We are fans to work with music, sometimes
we are rockers (but we love a good pop song) and fridays in the study are of cumbias, salsas
and even sometimes (sorry mom) we play reggeton. When we walk by the street
sometimes they confuse us with “Cherry Bomb” of the Runaways, but we are most like
You got yr. Cherry Bomb“By Spoon. Sometimes, when we get stressed we play
challenges of “futbolito” or Xbox .

We do not have a favorite style but keep a special affection for the vintage trends,
eighties movies, simple forms, vanilla milkshakes, spot colors, homemade food, the
Scandinavian style, zombies, black beer, kawaii, tootsie pops, 90’s and actual cartoons,
and folk.

We hate people who throw garbage in the streets, and the crotchety old folks, we love
our friends, our family, and the little dogs to greet you on the street, plants in a pot
and people who smile. We love detonate pixels and colors giving all our passion, skill and
imagination in each of our projects, ’cause each one of our clients is unique and special.

We speak design, we eat design, we see design, we feel design and of course…
we make design! 🍒


Our Services


  • Namming
  • Logotype
  • Applications
  • Stationery
  • Packaging
  • Promo


  • Digital Illustration
  • Infographycs
  • Iconographycs
  • Digital Retouch


  • UI /UX
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter
  • Wordpress Themes
  • CMS
  • Maintenance


  • Animation
  • Video Edition
  • Motion Graphics
  • Post Producction
  • Corporative