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we are the cherry bombs!

our manifest

We are Cherry Bomb, a multidisciplinary creative studio focused on Brand Creation, Branding and Illustration, and Web Development.

We believe fervently in the power of design as a “Massive Construction Weapon”. For us, design can unite and inspire people; it can simplify conversations, abstract the world, and elevate experiences. Good design is not meant to be seen, but to be enjoyed.

We are Pop because we are delicious and sweet as a cherry. We are Pop because what can be more pop than a cherry in a milkshake? We love the use of color, illustration, and the infinite use of creativeness. We are Pop because we love our friends, our families, homemade food, plants, and little puppies who say hello out in the street.

But also we are Punk. We are Punk because we know that good design is not condescending neither conventional. Good design must educate and transgress, just like a good designer must not be condescending with their client. Probably, if you wish that your designer be just that, your designer, we might not be your best choice. We don’t have absolute truth, but we can find it, together, just like we can create brands that endure and transcend.

We are Punks because we are against both people who throw trash and cantankerous old people. Because we know that the world can be a better place if we effort a little bit of being empathic with other people, on being responsible with our environment, with the people, with ourselves, promoting the culture of love instead of hate. We know that the world will be a better place with music, smiles, culture, and education. “…We can be heroes, just for one day.”

Our studio is small and pretty: compromised with quality, by giving the best of us and reflecting it doing our work better each day, contributing with that little effort to make this world a better place. That’s why we can’t do any other thing but deliver all our passion, ability, and imagination on each project we do because, for us, each of our clients is unique and special. That’s the challenge we want to overcome, so, why don’t we make a better place together? We are the cherry of that delicious cake that is your brand.

Our services

  • Namming
  • Logotype
  • Applications
  • Stationery
  • Packaging
  • Promo
  • Digital Illustration
  • Infographics
  • Iconographics
  • Digital Retouch
  • Animation
  • Video Edition
  • Motion Graphics
  • Post Production
  • Corporative
Web Development
  • UI/UX
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter
  • WordPress Themes
  • Maintenance

we are the cherry bombs!


  • Universidad del Valle de México. Tuxtla Gutiérrez, 2018.
  • Ibero-American University. Mexico City, 2017.
  • Angelópolis CUVA. Atlixco, 2017.

they trust in our work

  • A few years ago, we began an intimate relationship by renewing one of our identities. Their professionalism led to create an indispensable synergy for us. Just enough to take one or two coffees and listen to us et voila!!! They give life to all our ideas, materializing everything that we had between the lines, not to mention the great warmth and human understanding from the study, before different adversities from us as clients.

    Carolina Alcantara Real Estate Consortium CAHSA

  • It has been very pleasant to work with the Cherry Bombs: not only because of their high talent that they have deployed in Ventus Mexico to transform their identity with great creativity, nor for their competence and professionalism in capturing our needs, nor for their fun and genuine illustrations... but for the hullabaloo of having met a team with an authentic sense of humor and great human warmth. Thank you!

    Diego Baez Fernandez Director of Strategic Projects at Ventus Mexico

  • Thanks a lot Cherry Bomb, you have done an amazing job, you listened us, understood us and helped to give much more strength to our concept, you added new elements to our Brand, offering an amusing face and more focused to our target customers. Keep it up, we would love to continue working with you. Thanks.

    Rodrigo Rivera General Director at SAK shop.arch.kids

  • We describe this firm using three words: Creativity, Professionalism and Good Attitude! Cherry Bomb is a team of magnificient persons who listened, understood and acheved the expectations of our office. They managed to take the image of our company to an exceptional level, and now also we consider them a good friends. Thanks for your help.

    Abud Zonana Cattan General Director at E+A Architects

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