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we are the Cherry Bombs!

All started with a coffee cup

Yes! The cup Nora & Gabo shared with our first client in a small coffee shop lost in a corner in Mexico City, on an afternoon in early 2010.

What this first client didn’t know was that many dreams and hopes were placed in that cup of coffee.

Many years and hundreds (or maybe thousands) of cups of coffee later, with much more experience, a bigger and more talented team, some recognitions, many great days, may bad days with an occasional tear, we continue to share coffee cups, dreams, and hopes. But now, these dreams and hopes are not only ours but of all those people who have believed in our work.

Our manifest

We are Cherry Bomb, a multidisciplinary creative studio focused on Brand Creation, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Web Development.

We are Pop! because we are delicious and sweet as a cherry. We are Pop! because what could be more Pop! than a Cherry on top of a milkshake? We love the use of color, illustration, and endless use of creativity. We are Pop! because we love our friends, our families, homemade food, plants, and the doggies that greet you on the street.

But we are also Punk. We are Punk because we know that good design is not condescending or conventional, good design must educate and transgress because we fervently believe in the power of design as a "Weapon of Massive Construction".

We're Punks because we're against littering people and curmudgeonly old men. Because we know that the world can be a better place if we all make a little more effort to be empathetic with others, to be responsible for our surroundings, the environment, and ourselves, in promoting a love culture instead of a hate culture.

We know that the world will be a better place with music, smiles, culture, and education. “…We can be heroes, just for one day.”

Our studio is small and beautiful, we are a small gang of nerds, committed to giving our best, to contributing to something that makes this world a better place.

That is why we cannot do anything other than delivering all our passion, skills, and imagination in each of the projects we carry out because, for us, each of our clients is unique and special, it is the challenge that we want to overcome every day, so why don't we create a better world together?

We are Cherry Bomb, we are the cherry on top of that delicious cake that is your brand.

we are the Cherry Bombs!

Nora Muñoz

CEO & Art Director

Less complex than you think. Fan from Hell of mystery and True Crime podcast, salty and spicy snacks, wild hairstyles, and weird and cool styles.

Still learning to illustrate, to be an adult, to take care of my plants and my dog, and to care for my friends (although I’m terrified to meet new people).

Not much more to say. Simply one day I had a dream and take the initiative.

Gabriel Tinoco

CEO & Creative Director

I’m not that quoting kind of person, but here there is one I like: “Never let anyone make you feel that you don’t deserve what you want”. It’s not a deep thought of some big thinker, it’s from a movie, the lovely 90’s teen movie “10 Things I Hate About You”, it’s said by Heath Ledger.

I don’t have a fortune, a big ass car, or a fancy life (and I don’t want it). I’m just a simple guy who likes to hear melancholic & sugary Indie Pop songs, ride on my bicycle and live a lovely calm life next to my girlfriend and my dog. That’s my kind of happiness.

Enrique Mendoza aka Hein

Co-Founder & Web Developer

Mine is programming… it reminds me when I was a kid who used to disarm my toys to see how it is constructed and how it works from inside.

Now I still do the same but backwards: writing pieces of logic which modify markup styled by declarative styles.

Often I like writing code at the rhythm of electronic music so I am in a kind of active meditation.

Melissa Castillo

Graphic Designer

Melissa is a graphic designer and illustrator; who likes long walks that help her rethink the fragility of life, giving her material and references to her drawings.

Her style goes with the trivial, the cute and the melancholic. She likes people, places, and things.

Isaac Cabrera

Graphic Designer

Introvert adopted by extroverts, video game-influenced kid and meme lover. I reject my adult phase by not consuming coffee… but! …I love cats!

I listen to all kinds of music while I am on the bicycle, and if it’s raining, better (yes I am #teamcold).



I’ve been working since I was a puppy. Nora and Gabo adopted me, gave me a cool name, and brought me to Cherry Bomb, where I have the most important job. I’m the one in charge of making the boys happy! It is a very demanding job, imagine having to be pretty and playful all day (when in reality I am calm and introverted, I would say that I am a dog with a cat personality)

Luckily I’m doing very well, I have unlimited hugs and cuddles 🙂

Our services


  • Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Concept & Storytelling
  • Naming
  • Voice Tone
  • Logo / Wordmark
  • Visual identity & Design System
  • Enviromental graphics
  • Brand Guidelines

Graphic Design

  • Editorial Design
  • Social Media Stylish
  • Packaging & Label design
  • Signage & Iconography
  • Collateral
  • Stationery
  • Retail

Art Direction

  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Set design

Illustration & Motion Graphics

  • Editorial Illustration
  • Character Design
  • Iconography
  • Motion Graphics

Digital & Web

  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Front End Dev
  • Back End Dev

Achievements & recognitions

Our Domestika Course

  • "Creativity for Design Projects"
  • Explore different recipes to enhance your creative process and cook up great ideas.

Books & Publications

  • · Books & Illustrators. Editorial Monsa, Spain.
  • · Infinite Icon. Sandu Publishing, China.
  • · Ultimate Branding. Editorial Monsa, Spain.
  • · Mindsparkle Magazine
  • · World Brand Design
  • · The Design Kids
  • · The Dieline
  • · Design Work Life

Conferences & Teaching

  • · Render. 2020. CETYS Universidad, Mexicali, BC.
  • · Códice. 2019. Universidad Don Vasco, Uruapan, Mich.
  • · Rayarte. 2018. Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala.
  • · Universidad del Valle de México. 2018. Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas.
  • · Universidad Iberoamericana. 2017. Ciudad de México.
  • · CUVA. 2017. Centro Universitario del Valle de Atlixco, Puebla.
  • · Designers Repvblic. 2015. Ciudad de México.